Ghami Project Nepal

Fleischerei Supports in partnership Volksschule Hinterstoder the wonderful work of the Pietro Taricone Foundation to build a school in Ghami, Nepal.

We learnt of the project through Dr. Christian Luczanits and Kunzom Thakuri.  Kunzom is from Mustang and knows the difference this school will make to the lives of so many Nepalese children from the Mustang Valley.

Through local fundraising and the generosity of the Hinterstoder community the Volkeschule Hinterstoder as raised enough funds to support the buildng and stocking of the Library in the Ghami School.

There is more information to be found at the Pietro Taricone Foundation website and there is a charity jar in the Fleischerei cafe if you would like to contribute.

Photos courtesy of the Pietro Taricone Foundation and Dr Christian Luczanits.