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A place for families

Welcome to our story, Hinterstoder and the Fleischerei. The former butcher shop came into our lives in 2011. At that time it had been empty for years. We wanted our own company, something that supported Hinterstoder, the place we call home and where our children grow up. This is how this accommodation in Hinterstoder came about.

The plans changed many times, but the WHY never did. We knew we wanted to do something a little different from the usual, something we could be proud of and also a place we would like to visit for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or where we would like to spend a week our family would spend. We like to vacation in apartments/holiday homes and – we are convinced – others do too.

We wanted to contribute to the development of Hinterstoder contribute – a place that we and many others call a special corner in the Alps. We also wanted to show that living in the country is in no way inferior to the comfort that many believe only exists in the city, with added peace and quiet, fresh air and great views.

Why in Hinterstoder?


Yvonne grew up in Hinterstoder and after graduating went to the Hotel Rote Wand in Lech am Arlberg. After a few years she moved abroad to Bermuda, France, the USA and New Zealand. She worked in service at all of her stations and thus gained extensive insight into the different preferences and expectations of guests. She worked on private yachts for several years and discovered her interest and talent for design.

Brendan is an Australian and a sea captain. They met in 2001 and worked together on various yachts, traveling the world together. In 2002 Brendan came to Hinterstoder for the first time. When it came time to make a choice between living on the coast of Australia or in the mountains, it wasn't difficult for him.

Fabienne and Scarlett are our daughters and they already have their own opinions about the hospitality industry and help us see so many things from the children's perspective that we hadn't actually thought of.

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